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Monday, 31 May 2010

My initial thoughts on flotilla attack

“19 people killed as Israel storms flotilla delivering aid to Gaza.” Whatever your political stance, this does not read well for Israel and the peace process, and consequentially is a PR success for Hamas. At this moment in time Israel cannot afford to lose her friends, but many will be unable to not condemn these actions.

Mehdi Hasan of the New Statemans rightly points out here that Israel never misses an opportunity to score an own goal, and now risks losing her only real friend in the Middle East, Turkey. I concur with this; but I forget the last time that the New Statesman expressed their deep disapproval of Hamas' regime. 

Already there is talk of embargoes, sanctions and breaches of international law. These are merely reactionary comments and would be retrograde leaps for the peace process. I do not wish for the killings to be watered-down in any way and I accept that they must be deplored; however, those who call for international action against Israel must understand the potential corollary of their wishes – sympathy for the Hamas regime who perpetuate to call for the destruction of the state of Israel. Where is the international reproach of their totalitarian regime?

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